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8th Expert 8th Sportsman 10th Expert GT8 5th STC / GT
Christian Lopez 19/5:09.26 Mark Santa Ines 18/5:06.02 (New) Walter Diaz 17/5:02.34 (New) Robbie Cerrato 16/5:18.30 V. Garcia 14/5:04.50
Mike Strack 19/5:10.05 (New) B. Jianas 17/5:02.74 Dereck Butterfield 16/5:01.66 Nate Henkel 14/5:06.00 (New) Cedric Collins 14/5:18.64
Brandon Cho 19/5:12.14 Ralph Ayala 17/5:03.70 Kevin Jones 16/5:04.19 Dan Almario 14/5:06.56 Craig Kaplan 14/5:19.52
GT-E 10 E 13.5 10 E Mod
Jerry Holsti 16/6:10.9 Walter Diaz 18/6:02.14  
Kevin Kilber 13/5:01.00 Walter Diaz 18/6:05.20  



2015 KO Propo Grand Prix

8th Scale Expert A Main

Congrats to Brandon Cho on his win

TQ Michael Swauger - 1st Brandon Cho - 2nd Ralph Burch - 3rd DJ Apolaro - 4th Mike Truhe - 5th Paolo Morganti





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10th Scale Expert A Main

21 Heats of Racing from 13.5 Blinky to the 8th Scale Experts for the 2015 DeSoto G.P. hosted by GLARCRC. We'll let the pictures and the videos tell the story.

Your KO Propo G.P. 10th Scale Expert A Main Podium

1st - Walter Diaz   2nd - DJ Apolaro   3rd - Robbie Cerrato

Your KO Propo G.P. 8th Scale GT A Main Podium

1st Robbie Cerrato - 2nd Paolo Morganti - 3rd Robbie Collins - 4th Eugene Osburne - 5th Bryce Butterfield


Your KO Propo G.P. 8th Scale Masters A Main Podium

1st - Dana Smeltzer   2nd - Jerry Rapp   3rd - Don Miyamoto

Your KO Propo G.P. 8th Scale Sportsman A Main Podium

1st - Ryan Nimori   2nd - Mark Santa Ines   3rd - BiBoy Angeles

Your KO Propo G.P. 10th Scale Triple A Main Podium

1st - Walter Diaz   2nd - Fred Hubbard   3rd - Scott Barnes  4th - Paul Dabao  5th - Jon Prather

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