GLARCRC since 1974

8th Expert 8th Sportsman 10th Expert GT8 5th STC / GT
Christian Lopez 19/5:09.26 B. Jianas 17/5:02.74 (New) Dereck Butterfield 16/5:01.66 (New) Robbie Cerrato 16/5:18.30 V. Garcia 14/5:04.50 (New)
Brandon Cho 19/5:12.14 (New) Ralph Ayala 17/5:03.70 Kevin Jones 16/5:04.19 Nate Henkel 14/5:06.00 (New) Craig Kaplan 14/5:19.52
Dana Smeltzer 18/5:02.95 Tony Shimko 17/5:13.44 S. Kitahata 16/15:10.62 Dan Almario 14/5:06.56 Alan Trump 13/5:02.12
GT-E 10 E 13.5 10 E Mod
Jerry Holsti 16/6:10.9 Walter Diaz 18/6:02.14  
Kevin Kilber 13/5:01.00 Walter Diaz 18/6:05.20  




Major Events

Airtronics - Done

ROAR Reginaols

KO Propo

DeSotto Racing

5th World Challenge

Cancer Benefit

Toys For Tots


Revelation Raceway

5th Scale Challenge



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Welcome to the Greater Los Angeles Radio Control Racing Club

We had a great weekend of racing. The weather never heated up to its potential but the Heats and Mains did. Thanks to everyone that came out and hope you had a great time out at GLARCRC.

2nd - K.J. Jones   3rd - Mike Strack

                                 Michael Palazolla 3rd Place

          Moto Ishibashi 2nd     


Main Results

8th Scale Expert - A  B  C

10th Scale Expert - A  B  C

8th Scale Masters - A  B

GT8 - A

10th Scale Electric - A

5th Scale - A

All Summary

8th Scale Expert A Main Highlights

8th Scale Masters A Main Highlights

10th Scale Expert A Main Highlights

 Next Race - DeSoto Racing Grand Prix

DeSoto Racing Grand Prix

Coming July 24 - 26

Airtronics GP

Airtronics 2015

The Podium Winners for the Airtronics GP

8th Scale Expert 1st - Paolo Morganti, 2nd - Walter Diaz, 3rd - Tony Clark

8th Scale Masters 1st - Dana Smeltzer, 2nd - Scott Fischer , 3rd - Don Miyamoto

10th Scale Expert 1st - Paolo Morganti, 2nd - Walter Diaz, 3rd - Brian Thomas

8th Scale Sportsman 1st - Ryan Nimori , 2nd - Ricardo Gonzales, 3rd - Hovik Minasyan

8th Scale GT 1st - Robbie Cerrato, 2nd - Gus Wood, 3rd - Chad Kiffe

5th Scale 1st - Victor Garcia, 2nd - Craig Kaplan, 3rd - Tom Wong