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Cancer Benefit 8th Scale Expert A Main Drivers

Cancer Benefit Results

Chris Verano 1st Place 8th Scale Expert

Dana Smeltzer 2nd Place

Jonathan Prather 3rd Place

8th Scale Sportsman

Sports A Main Drivers

Tom Wong 1st Place 8th Scale Sportsman A Main

Al Lopez 2nd Place Sportsman

Dan Almarilo 3rd Place Sportsman (Not Pictured)

10th Scale Sedan Expert

Walter Diaz, TQ and 2nd Place Finisher

Michael Pallazzola 1st Place 10th Scale Sedan Expert

Johnny Bravo 3rd Place 10th Scale Sedan

5Th Scale Street Class

1st Place - Craig Kaplan

2nd Place - James Stuard and 5th Scale Concourse

3rd Place Ken Watkins

5th Scale F1

1st Place - Bob Sarnelle

2nd Place - Jay Kimbrough

3rd Place - Kenneth Watkins


5th Scale G.T.

1st Place - Alan Trump

2nd Place - David Belenger

3rd Place - Frank Pena


5th Scale STC

1st Place - Louis Rodriguez

2nd Place - Cedric Collins

3rd Place - Victor Garcia (DNS)






Rc Racing Club Racing November 24th-25th





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5th Scale National Challenge this September

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