Club Racing 2018

Well we could not have asked for a better opening weekend than what we got. Great weather, the track condition was good and some good racing and a smooth program. Three rounds of racing and finished in daylight with enough time that we had help that we normally would not have had if it was dark. Thank you to those that helped out. So the agreed upon time for Qualifying starting for every Club Race is 10:00 AM. This worked out nicely and we ran straight through the program with no hiccups. We had 10th Scale, 8th Scale Masters, 8th Scale Open, GT8 and 5th Scale. With the new layout came new track records to start of the new season. So the first to hold those spots are:
8th Scale Open: 16/4:01.436 - Chris Verano, 10th Scale Expert: 15/4:16.516 - Chris Velez, Masters: 16/4:13.690 - Pepe Velez, GT8: 14/5:08.859 - Moto Ishibashi, 5th Scale: 14/5:09.334 - Cedric Collins

We also awarded the GLARCRC Club Points Champions. Click on the Headlines link for the Pictures.

GLARCRC Points Series Awards


3rd - Brad Rasmussen - 1st - Pepe Velez - 2nd - Jeff Rold

8th Scale Open

3rd - Kyle Goodwine (NP) - 1st - Robbie Cerrato (NP) - 2nd - Dana Smeltzer

10th Scale Open

3rd - Al Lopez - 1st - Jose Casas - 2nd - Bryce Butterfiedl (NP)

5th Scale Open

3rd - Frank Pena (NP) - 1st - Craig Kaplan (NP) - 2nd - James Stuard


Current Race Results




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