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2015 Racing Season: First Major - Airtronics G.P. February 6 - 8 2015

Welcome to the Greater Los Angeles Radio Control Racing Club

Letter from the President

Greetings and Happy New Year, 2015 marks the 40th year of GLARCRC, under the name of The Crenshaw R/C Sophisticates, a group of Fathers and Sons back in February 1975, began a journey to what is today, one of the oldest and most respected R/C car clubs in the USA and the world. 2015 launches a new and exciting race season for GLARCRC, the very first race is the Airtronics GP with over 100 entries and counting. We have the KO Propo, 1/5 scale world challenge, Region 12 Fuel Championships, Desoto/Serpent GP, Cancer Benefit, Toys For Tots, GLARCRC Championship series and not to mention our regular club schedule for 2015. We did not do all of this alone, thanks to so many! State of California Dept of Transportation officials Paul LeMond and Daniel hing. Craig Kaplan, Chris Verano and Brian Thomas, Jason, Jimmy, Tony, Dana. Sherrie Christopher, Mike/ Michelle Strack, Van Alexander, Rochelle Savoy, Destiny Thomas, Tony and Dennis Clark, Bill Culver, Robbie Collins, Victor Garcia, Steve ODonnell, Robbie Cerrato and Dad, Moto Ishibashi, Steve Kitihata, Joquin Desoto, Paolo Morganti, Doug McKneeley, Henry Cordona, Chief Hill) GLARCRC has risen to the challenge and all of the racers, officials, and sponsors should be as proud as I am, we have one of the best racing venues in the USA! If I forgot to mention anyone in the thank you list, a big thanks goes out to all!. We have some great things in the works, and all of the racers have made our job a lot of fun. We hope you will continue your racing experience with us and continue to grow your passion for our hobby.
Best of luck to you all and good racing in 2015!

Glenn L. Williams



We had a great year in 2014, coming off the ROAR Nationals in 2013 we hosted the ROAR Region 12 Regional race in 2014. Until you have done it, you have no idea the amount of work it takes to pull one of these off. From The Airtronics, KO Propo, Novarossi GP, 5th Scale International Challenge, The Cancer Benefit and this years 29th Toys for Tots Race, this club has a great venue for Nitro Racing in Southern California.

From the dedicated club members that race weekend in and out that help set up, run and tear down the track we salute you. For the major race organizers, we appreciate all of your work bringing these races to GLARCRC and the sponsors that you bring in and support the racing.


Racing in 2015

GLARCRC looks forward to hosting the Airtronics G.P., The KO Propo G.P., The DeSoto Racing G.P., The ROAR Region 12 Races, The 5th Scale World Challenge, The Cancer Benefit and the Toys for Tots Race