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2015 Racing Season: First Major - Airtronics G.P. February 6 - 8 2015


Welcome to the Greater Los Angeles Radio Control Racing Club

8th Scale Expert A Main


                       Walter Diaz - 2nd Place                                           Paolo Morganti - 1st Place                                           Tony Clark - 3rd Place    

10th Scale Expert A Main


Walter Diaz - 2nd Place                                        Paolo Morganti - 1st Place                                         Brian Thomas - 3rd Place

8th Scale Masters A Main


                                              Scott Fischer - 2nd  Place (not pictured)         Dana Smeltzer - 1st Place         Don Miyamoto -3rd Place

8th Scale GT A Main


                                              Gus Wood - 2nd Place (not pictured)           Robbie Cerrato - 1st Place               3rd Place - Chad Kiffe

8th Scale Sportsman A Main


 Richardo Gonzales - 2nd Place (not pictured)    Ryan Nimori -  1st Place    Hovik Minasyan - 3rd Place

Tom Wong - TQ

5th Scale A Main


Craig Kaplan - 2nd Place          Victor Garcia - 1st Place (not pictured)         Tom Wong - 3rd Place